Looking For Ways to Use Tinder Without Linking It With Facebook?


If you are new in the digital dating world, then you must know about Tinder app.

No? Don’t worry…

Here you can get a thorough discussion about Tinder.

Honestly, Tinder doesn’t really need an introduction.

Tinder is the utmost common location-based dating service which encourages users to continue swiping (right for interested as well as left for not interested) until they’ve found the seamless match.

tinder without facebook

Since its announcement in 2012, it’s getting popular everyday and it remains to be downloaded more than fifty million from the play store of google as well as still amid the best evaluated dating apps accessible for Android.

Just few months back, Tinder also launched their Web version which you can also access Tinder through Desktop like other top casual hookup websites. Tinder is among the few best casual hookup apps in the market which works smoothly. If you use the app properly, chances of you scoring a date are high

Same to the other sites, Tinder also needs to have a Facebook id. Since Facebook has been governing the internet in such a way that nearly every site or application has a choice of signing in through existing Facebook account.

Several sites do not have their specific indication in a system, therefore, they direct you to log in with Facebook.

Users have a common question such as Does Tinder directly Post to Facebook? along with, Can You Utilize Tinder Without having account in Facebook? The reply is negative!

Well, it is 2018…

There is still no official technique of utilizing Tinder without Facebook.

As the app is made using Facebook’s API also even its latest form does not provide you the functionality to make ineffective the link between your Tinder and Facebook account.

Tinder operators were the type of hoping that they will be capable to utilize Tinder without FB in 2018. Nevertheless, Tinder did not release any official information related to it in 2018 as well.

But there are some workarounds you can utilize to minimize the hazard of your online privacy attack.

  1. Improve Facebook Privacy:

One of the initial and utmost vital steps you can take is to improve your Facebook privacy by altering Tinder App significances in your Facebook account. You may limit Tinder’s usages to your Facebook account.

  1. Make New Facebook Account:

At that time, you do not want your private Facebook account to be connected with Tinder, then you can make a new Facebook account completely for tinder.

  • Make New Email ID
  • Then go to the Facebook.com
  • Put all your details as well as use newly formed email id intended for registration.

When you have formed new Facebook account you should make few changes in the Tinder Application.

  • Open Tinder Application as well as click on Settings option at the top of the left side corner.
  • Navigate to the App Settings.
  • Press Logout as well as Confirm.

Now that you’re logged out of this app, sign in to fresh Facebook account.

  • Go to Tinder app and click on Login through Facebook.
  • Now the Tinder account will get linked with the newly formed Facebook account also you can limit the quantity of information you need to put on it.
  1. Altering Settings as of Tinder App

It one is most relaxed method to utilize Tinder without Facebook amongst all above procedures. This technique requires you to just tweak your Tinder Application setting in your android phone. Follow these simple 3 steps:

  • Open Tinder Application in your android phone.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ segment of the Tinder Application.
  • Deselect “Show Me on Tinder Social”
  1. Ask Tinder to Permit Tinder Sign in Without Facebook:

However, this is not a direct resolution to the problem. Nevertheless, if you aren’t happy through the technique Tinder forces you to utilize Facebook then you can recommend Tinder to modify their policy.

Simply open Tinder application and in the Settings, you can get Contact option. Utilizing Contact choices, you can recommend tinder to modify their policy concerning Tinder Login without Facebook.

In the situations where many persons start making proposal with the intention of Use Tinder without Facebook, at those points, Tinder may search to remove the Facebook integration norms.

In this way you’re able to hide your personality on the social platform also. Hope these approaches will be helpful in utilizing Tinder without Facebook.