5 Best Xbox Emulator for Windows PC 2018


All the gaming fans love Xbox games. Xbox game console is a bit expensive, which most of the people cannot afford and they have to compromise. How about if you would not have to pay and still play the game on console? Can’t believe? But that’s true you can still play it. A twist is that you would play it on PC with an Xbox emulator not on Xbox console. Even for those who always had a desire to play it on PC it has now become possible. You would not have to always stick on TV or have to fight with family members. Now let you mom watch her favourite show and enjoy your games on PC. Let’s know more about Xbox Emulators.

xbox emulator for pc

What is Xbox emulators?

You might have heard that we can now use android apps on our PC using android emulators like Nox and BlueStacks. Similarly, an Xbox emulator works. Xbox emulator is a programme that lets you play the xbox games on your PC. It would act as Xbox console on your PC and with support the game. It makes your gaming better on PC. It makes the same interface that your Xbox console would use and helps in running your games without any hassle.

5 Best Xbox Emulator for Windows PC

Internet is full of Xbox emulators. If you would make a search you will get a long list of emulators which makes it quite confusing to choose the best one. For better gaming, it is essential to choose the correct Xbox emulator to play as only that would will give you quality gaming. We have made your work easy here and have listed  Best 5 Best Xbox Emulator for Windows PC. So here is the list-

1- CXBX emulator

CXBX emulator is Xbox emulator specially for Xbox 360 games and Xbox one games. The emulator has a good and easy interface that you would find easy to use. It makes your files executable on your PC and gives a smooth gaming. The installation of this powerful emulator is pretty simple. It can run Xbox pixel shaders. Viewing your files on this emulator is easy as it comes with inbuilt viewer. The limitations of this emulator is that it supports only 5 games Smashing drive, Futurama, Battle cry, Whacked, and Turok. It would need an optimised PC as it will require a high CPU usage and RAM.

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2- Xenia emulator

Xenia is also one of the best emulator for windows PC. It supports more than 50 games of Xbox 360 and Xbox one which is one of the advantage of having this emulator. This emulator lags in between but the only reason is that it gives more support to games. You would be able to get the updated emulator as it gets updated frequently to fix bugs and improve itself. On its limitation part, you could experience slow speed while playing in the latest version of Xenia emulator. However, as the company always keeps it updated it will soon resolve the issue.

3- Xeon Emulator

Xeon Emulator is also considered as one of the powerful emulator in this list. You would be able to play many games of Xbox 350 and Xbox one. The best thing you would get with the emulator is that it will backup your data. You can thus save all your game progress with its backup wizard. Another advantage of this Xbox emulator is that you can run it on windows and Dos operating system as it supports both. It would not let you face any lag in the game. It comes with a instruction guide that wouy guide you to install and use it. The disadvantage is that developer has stopped updating the emulator but it still works best. It doesn’t not support NTSC version of Halo.

4- EX360E Xbox 360 emulator

If you are ready to experiment with emulator, then you can try this one. This emulator supports Xbox 360 and even Xbox one games too. As the emulator is a new project so the service is not that good now but it may get fixes in the upgraded version. It also converts the file into executable ones to give you better gaming experience. It supports patcher and GUI and runs on 64 bit windows.  If you are using 32 bit windows it could be an disadvantage for you as you couldn’t use it without upgrading. Its GUI also doesn’t work smoothly.

5- DXBX emulator

This emulator is from the developers of CXBX emulator. You would get a better service in this emulator than CXBX emulator. It has DirectD3D8 engine for producing too good graphics. The emulator converts the file in .exe, making every file workable in PC. It supports all versions of windows but support only 32 bit PCs.

These were 5 best Xbox emulators for windows PC. You can use any of them and enjoy your gaming on PC.