Quick Tips – See Facebook Ads of Your Competitors


In any competition, you always to be want successful. Everyone wants to move one step ahead from its competitor. And it only becomes possible when you know the strategy of your enemy. Because to become successful you should have extra information to explore your products.

Facebook is the American Social networking service, which rapidly gets popular in the whole world. Nowadays Facebook is using as a social media-marketing network where anyone can easily sell his or her products. That’s why the competition becomes high among the followers between you can buy Instagram followers to beat this. As I told you before everyone wants to be successful from its competitors. This rule is also applied on Facebook. So you should know how to advertise on Facebook, which images you have to use as your competitor do. All these things you need to get some fresh ideas or want to keep an eye on them.

Before see the ads of your competitors, you have to know about your competitor. How you can find him on the Facebook pages. Below I mention a procedure where you know how you can find your competitor on the Facebook.

Find Your Competitor:

If you want to be successful from your competitors then you should know about your competitors. Make a list of your most important competitors. This list should be dependent on your business. It is easy to make the list of your competitors but gets their all latest information will be difficult.

Compare the Facebook Pages:

Before starting the investigation use your internal data. Facebook gives you the offer of “Pages to Watch” tool. By using this tool you can compare the performance of your Facebook page and posts of your competitor page which you choose. This will show you a chart of performance where you can see your position.

Become the biggest fan of your Competitor:

If you want to easily get the information from your competitor then you have to become their biggest fan. And gives few likes to their newest posts. After some time you can see their ads in your newsfeed. Try to visit their websites on the regular basis and examine their products. If you do not want to become their fan on Facebook then on another way you can see their ads.

Steps to see your competitor ads:

In the latest feature of Facebook, you can see everyone’s ads at any time and anywhere. But few marketers are still worried about this development of Facebook. So if you want to see the ads of your competitors. Then you have to incorporate this into the advertising strategy of Facebook. Now get the advantage of the new policy of Facebook. There are some easy steps of using this new feature of Facebook.

  1. Firstly you have to go to the page of your competitor.
  2. Then click on “Info and Ads” which is given on the left-hand side menu.
  3. Click on “Active Ads”.

Now you can see all the latest information from their ads and use it as you want.