Vidmate, Best Video Downloading App For Android


When it comes to downloading videos online, not many apps and websites can be trusted. Some softwares like YTD and SaveFromWeb are present for Windows and Mac devices, but smartphone users suffer in the end. There are not many apps that are safe and secure for smartphones and tablets that allow users to download online videos for free (and safely). There is always some catch or the other in third-party apps and it displeases many.

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Thankfully, those of you who have Android and iOS devices (smartphones and tablets) need not worry because there are two popular apps – VidMate and TubeMate. These two apps allow users to download videos from all over the web (including YouTube and Facebook) for free. So, download VidMate and TubeMate online for free today! TubeMate and VidMate are wonderful apps that are not only small-sized, but they also come loaded with features. Make sure that you download VidMate online today from

Talking about VidMate, it is a wonderful app with which people can download thousands of online videos for free. As long as you have an Android or an iOS device, you will be able to download online videos for free with VidMate. VidMate is a feature loaded app that has a very light and easy to under user interface. Talking about its size, VidMate APK and VidMate IPA are small sized files that get downloaded and installed easily and in no time. Also, there is no need to have a super-fast internet connection in order to download videos with VidMate.

YouTube app has an offline video saving feature, but it comes with a lot of flaws. For instance, not every video on YouTube can be saved offline. This is not the case with VidMate. VidMate allows users to download every single video on the web (including videos found on Facebook and YouTube).

VidMate and TubeMate can download videos from almost every website. It does not matter whether the website supports the downloading feature or not. With VidMate and TubeMate, you will be able to download videos in great video quality. You can also stream the videos online (if you want to). The video quality that these apps support range from standard definition (144p – 480p) all the way up to high definition (720p and 1080p). This is one feature that YouTube app does not provide. With YouTube app, you can only save videos up to 720p in quality. Also, these saved videos cannot be played outside the YouTube app. With the VidMate and TubeMate apps, you can download videos on your device and share them easily. Download VidMate app online for free today.

To download a Facebook or YouTube video using VidMate-

Open the VidMate app and open YouTube (even Facebook or any other website) using the embedded web browser and tap on the download icon to start downloading the video. Once the video gets downloaded, you can then play it on your device easily. Either use the embedded video player or any other third-party video player to play the video. You can also share the downloaded video easily.

You can also download the video by opening the video on the YouTube app. Go to the ‘share video’ option and share it to VidMate app. As soon as the video will be shared on VidMate, the download option will pop up. Tap on download video to start downloading it. It gets downloaded in no time (depending on the internet connection). All you need is a stable internet connection in order to download videos from YouTube and Facebook.

To download videos with TubeMate-

Open the TubeMate app and browse open YouTube or any other website. Search for the video that you want to download and open it. Once it loads up, tap on the download icon to start the downloading. Alternatively, you can also download the video by opening the video on the YouTube app. Go to the ‘share video’ option and share it to TubeMate app. Once it opens up in TubeMate, tap on download to start the download process.

Thus, if you wish to download videos from Facebook and YouTube, you can do that easily with VidMate app and TubeMate app.