Europa Universalis 4 Cheats And Console Commands



Europa Universalis 4 is a game based on history. As interesting it is to learn about the fascinating encounters and battles happened in the past, it’s more interesting to have them experienced again. Europa Universalis 4 will take you on a journey to the past where you experience and handle various aspects of history.

Developed by Paradox Development Studio, Europa Universalis 4 is a strategy based video game. It has been published by Paradox Interactive and is currently available for PC, MAC, and Linux.

Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands

The game is set in the Renaissance period which dates from the year 1444 to the year 1821. You get to control any nation within the Renaissance period. You get to control different tasks and activities like trade, colonization, and diplomacy. All these can be carried according to the free will of the player.

More about Europa Universalis IV:

Europa Universalis 4 beats the previous titles of the Europa Universalis series. The game was released on 13 August 2013 by Paradox Interactive. The game is developed by Paradox Development Studio.
In the game, you take control of a nation and colonize other countries, make trades and diplomatic relations with them. The game is set in the late Renaissance era.

To know more about the game, let’s get to know about its features. The game offers features which make it a true successor to the previous titles in the series. The game has truly amazing features which are more than enough to leave any strategic gamer baffled. Most of the features in the game are reworked and revamped.

Features of Europa Universalis 4:

Many Possible Outcomes:

As I earlier mentioned that you can take control of any nation. This helps in altering the course of history as for how you control the nation, handle the trades and diplomatic relations can change the course of history in a number of ways. This makes the game more fun as every move you make can alter the course of history. This adds an element of surprise and excitement to the game.

Aside from knowing the exact course of history, seeing different outcomes of scenarios with variations in the course of history is a very exciting experience and make the game more fun to play. Thus, this makes you play the game endless time using new and better strategies.

Different But Accurate Outcomes:

Europa Universalis IV has many different outcomes according to your playstyle, however, the game makes accurate progress according to your selected strategy. There are many strategies which you can try, for ex: you can be more inclined towards war, or you can be more inclined towards profit through trades and diplomacy or you can try dominating with other countries through the help of world affairs. The strategies always work out as you plan them to. Unlike other games who have predefined plot, Europa Universalis IV is different and provides you with total freedom to experiment with it and get your desired outcomes.

Pragmatic progression of the campaign:

Unlike other games, Europa Universalis IV has a more practical approach towards campaigns. The game has influence on the campaign no matter whether you play single player or multiplayer. With every decision you make, other countries on the map are affected by it. The decisions you make have an impact on the numerous countries and this affects your progress simultaneously.

This feature takes the game to a whole new level as you always need to strategize your plan keeping in mind the fact that every decision you make will affect other countries and thus, in turn, your progress in the game.

Features like this are very rare and are not often seen in games.

All these features are packed in Europa Universalis IV and gamers still can’t get enough of this game. As I mentioned earlier that the game has been reworked as compared to the previous titles in the series, I meant it. The latest title has a much more smoother game-play than the previous titles. The User-interface is improved and is easily navigable. The mechanics have been reworked. Graphics have been enhanced and details have been reworked. The multiplayer mode has been updated and many more things have been reworked in the latest title. The multiplayer mode is one of the highlights of the game.

Europa Universalis 4 Cheats and Console Commands :

As you need to strategize a lot, it is natural to get stuck in the campaign. This is where cheats and console commands come into play.

To use cheats in Europa Universalis 4 you need to open the console, which is a special debugging window where you enter the cheats and commands. Before that, you should take note that, using cheats and commands extensively may cause the game to crash resulting in the loss of saved game progress.
To open up the console, hit the tilde ( ~ ) key and the console window should appear on your screen. Enter your desired cheat/command and hit enter to activate it.

Note: If you enter the same command twice, it deactivates the effect caused by the command.

Before using any cheat/command make sure you save your progress in the game.

List of Europa Universalis 4 Cheats and Console Commands :

Here’s a detailed and comprehensive list of cheats/commands which you can use to quickly finish campaigns. Just make sure you don’t use a lot of cheats as there are chances it may crash your game.

Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands List 1

Console Commands Description
add_baseunrest [] []Adds base unrest to a province
add_cardinalAdds 1 new cardinal to a Catholic nation.
add_cb [] [] [ OPTIONAL]Add casus belli against target country
add_claim [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds a claim to the province.
add_colonist []Adds a colonist to the country.
add_consort [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Adds a consort from a tag
add_core [] [ OPTIONAL]Add core
add_devastation [] []Add devastation to a province
add_diplo [ OPTIONAL]Adds diplomatic enroute
add_faction []Adds a Faction to your country
add_heir [ OPTIONAL]Adds an heir (The current heir is immediately killed.)
add_idea_group [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds the specified idea group
add_interest []Add specified country tag to your interest
add_issue []Adds issue to a parliament.
add_liberty_desire [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds liberty desire
add_local_autonomy [] []Adds local autonomy to a province
add_loyalty [] []Adds loyalty to target estate
The estate have the following identifier:
add_missionary []Adds a missionary to a country
add_natives [] []Add natives to given province (100× [])
add_opinion [] [ OPTIONAL]Add opinion to/from tag
add_pa []Add patriarch authority to tag
add_permanent_claim [] [ OPTIONAL]Add permanent claim
add_pi []Add papal influence to tag
add_prosperity [] []Add progress towards prosperity to a province's state.
add_reformlevel []Adds imperial reforms to the Holy Roman Empire
add_republican_tradition [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Get republican tradition
add_trait [, OPTIONAL, OPTIONAL]Add ruler personality
add_unrest [] [] []Adds unrest to a faction
adm [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Get administrative power (default value: 999)
admiral [] [] [] [] [ OPTIONAL]Create an admiral
ageSets the age of the game: 0 is Age of Exploration,1 is Age of Reformation,2 is Age of Absolutism and 3 is Age of Revolution.
age_heir 15 [ OPTIONAL]Set age of current heir to 15 years.
ai(ai) []Enables/Disables AI for all nations or a specific tag
ai_minister [<0 = army, 1 = diplomacy, 2 = trade>]Enables/Disables specific AI ministers
aiinvalidPrint invalid AI command counts
aiviewToggles additional AI info
annex [] [ OPTIONAL]Annexes the specified tag without adding cores
army_professionalism [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds army professionalism to the player
army_tradition [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds army tradition to the player
authority [] [ OPTIONAL]Add to a country's authority (Inti religion)
autosaveTriggers an autosave.
balanceBalance data dumped to game.log, with regions (development,number of provinces) and countries (tax, manpower, development, number of forts).
bearhaslanded [ OPTIONAL]An unwise command to use
Spawns Jan Mayen.
canalsDebug canals on map
cash [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Adds ducats to the treasury. Default is 5000 ducats.
change_religion [/] []Change religion of a province or country
The religions have the following identifier:
Catholic: catholic
Protestant: protestant
Reformed: reformed
Orthodox: orthodox
Coptic: coptic
Sunni: sunni
Shia: shiite
Ibadi: ibadi
Theravada: buddhism
Vajrayana: vajrayana
Mahayana: mahayana
Confucian: confucianism
Shinto: shinto
Hindu: hinduism
Sikh: sikhism
Animist: animism
Fetishist: shamanism
Totemist: totemism
Inti: inti
Nahuatl: nahuatl
Mayan: mesoamerican_religion
Norse: norse_pagan_reformed
Tengri: tengri_pagan_reformed
Jewish: jewish
Zoroastrian: zoroastrian
CK2 Converter Religions:
Nestorian : nestorian
Fraticelli : fraticelli
Cathar: cathar
Messalian : messalian
Waldensian : waldensian
Lollard : lollard
Monophysite : monophysite
Bogomilist : bogomilist
Monothelite : monothelite
Iconoclast : iconoclast
Paulician : paulician
Zikri : zikri
Yazidi : yazidi
Kharijite : kharijite
Druze : druze
Hurufi : hurufi
Mazdaki : mazdaki
Manichean : manichean
Samaritan : samaritan_faith
Karaite : karaite_faith
Jainism : jain
Romuva : baltic_pagan_reformed
Hellenic : hellenic_pagan
Slavic: slavic_pagan_reformed
Suomenusko: finnish_pagan_reformed
Zunist : zun_pagan_reformed
Bön : bon
church_power [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds church power to the player (Protestant religion)
clearClears the console
clr_consort_flag [] []Clears a global flag
clr_flag []Clears a global flag
clr_prov_flag [] []Clears a flag from a province
collision(debug_collision)Toggles debug display of normals/bounding boxes/collision
colonize [province ID]Colonizes and cores an unsettled province (and gets some prestige). The province retains its original culture and religion.
Note: Works also for settled provinces and keeps any previous owner's core.
combat_dice [number]Fixes combat dice to a number you specify. -1 gives random dicerolls like normal.
combatsoundHow often does the combat view give a random sound? 0-50
control [] [ OPTIONAL]Changes the controller of the province.
corrupt [] [ OPTIONAL]Sets the corruption of the country to the given amount.
country_modifier [] []Show country modifier values.
create_march [] [ OPTIONAL]The specified tag becomes a march (of the actor country).
culture []Changes culture on a province to your primary culture
date [date in format]Changes current date
debug_infoToggles Debug info
debug_modeMakes some debug features available. Displays province ID, country tag, and border distance when mousing over provinces.
debug_noguiToggles GUI on/off
debug_reload_areasReload map areas
debug_reload_regionsReload map regions
declare_war [] [] []Declares war between two nations (no CB)
delete_wars [ OPTIONAL]Delete wars without removing truces
die(kill) [ OPTIONAL]The ruler (of the specified country) is killed.
dip [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Get diplomatic power (default value: 999)
diplocountPrints out global diploaction statistics to game.log
diplomacy_infoPrint summary information about currently active diplomatic relations. to console
disaster [disaster_key]Adds 100 progress to a disaster
discover [] [ OPTIONAL]Discover capital of target tag
doom [] [ OPTIONAL]Add to a country's doom (Nahuatl religion)
economy []Prints out global economy statistics to game.log
embrace [] [ optional]Embraces an institutions in a province. If left blank, all institutions will be embraced.
The institution has the following identifier:
Feudalism: feudalism
Renaissance: renaissance
Colonialism: new_world_i
Printing Press: printing_press
Global Trade: global_trade
Manufactories: manufactories
Enlightenment: enlightenment
epicfail [ OPTIONAL]Makes all spies of target country fail
event [event id] [ OPTIONAL] [Executes an event
exhaust [] [ OPTIONAL]Alter your war exhaustion
fast_diploIgnore the date check for enroute diplomats
favors [] []Adds favors with target country
fervor [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds fervor to the player (Reformed religion)
form_union [] [ OPTIONAL]Forms Union with target
fow(debug_fow) [ OPTIONAL]Turns off fog of war in a province or in general
frenzyForce enable Great Power frenzy!!!
frenzy_offForce disable Great Power frenzy!!!
fullscreenToggles fullscreen
gamespeed [speed (0-5)]Set the current game speed, pausing the game at speed 0.
godgodmode on/off
golden_age []Starts a golden age in that country. A tag is required.
harmonization [] [ OPTIONAL]Sets to country's Harmonization progress (Confucian religion)
harmony [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds harmony to the player (Confucian religion)
help [command name]Print out all console commands or a specific command description.
helphelpDisplays “No help for you!” in the command box
helplogPrint out all console commands to game.log file.
horde_unity [] [ OPTIONAL]Set the unity of a horde
ideadumpDump all countries that have generic national ideas to game.log
imperial_authority [] [ OPTIONAL]Increases the imperial authority of the emperor.
infinite_combatInfinite combat
inflation [] [ OPTIONAL]Increase your inflation
integrate [] [ OPTIONAL]Integrates the specified tag into actor's country (adds cores)
karma [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds karma to the player (Buddhist religions)
kill_cardinal [ OPTIONAL]Kills first cardinal in the list
kill_consort [ OPTIONAL]Kills your consort
kill_heir [ OPTIONAL]Kills the heir of a tag
kill_leaderKill a random leader with given death cause
leader [] [] [] [] [ OPTIONAL]Creates a general with the given values.
leakLeaks memory
leak_gpu [Chunk size (bytes)] [Number of Chunks]Leaks GPU memory
legitimacy [] [ OPTIONAL]Set the legitimacy of the ruler
low_memorySimulates a low memory alert and tries to reduce memory usage
lucky [ OPTIONAL]Toggles lucky nation status.
mandate []Adds Mandate to your empire.
manpower [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds manpower to pool (1000× []) (default 5)
map_random [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []Randomize new world part of map (heightmap, terrain, ...)
map_vertextexturesToggle map rendering with vertex textures
mapmode [Mapmode type (int)]Change mapmode.
memoryPrints out the used memory
mil [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Get military power (default value: 999)
morehumans(humans) [num]Adds more humans
msgToggles all messages popup
native_uprising []Create native uprising in given province
navy_tradition [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds navy tradition to the specified country
nextsongChanges the currently playing soundtrack.
nolimit_missionsRemoves the limit of number of major missions to choose from
nopausetextToggles the pausebanner for nicer screenshots.
nudgeGo to the nudge tool
observe(spectator)Switches to play no country at all, and no longer shows messages or pauses the game
observe_mode []Changes to the observe mode
oosMake the client go oos
own [] [ OPTIONAL]Changes ownership of a province
own_core [] [ OPTIONAL]Changes ownership of a province and adds core
piety [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Adds piety. (Muslim religions) (default: +10)
pirate []Starts a Pirate in a province
pollPolls valid Events
population [] []Adds population to a province. (Only for colonies.)
power [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds the specified idea group
powerpoints [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Get power in all powers. Maximizes monarch points if no number specified.
powerspend []Prints out global powerspend statistics
prestige [] [ OPTIONAL]Increases the prestige of the specified country. (default value: 5)
pricesPrice Info to game.log
print_flagsPrints global flags
print_prov_flags []Prints province flags
PrintSynchStuffPrints random count and seed
protectorate [] [ OPTIONAL]Protectorate the specified tag
province_modifierShow province modifier values.
reform []Begin reformation in the specified province ID
refreshknowledgecount []Refresh knowledge perf couner
reinitchat []Posts a CChatSyncAllCommand
reload [file name]Reloads the gui or lua file
reload_canalsReload the canal bitmaps
reload_heightmapReloads the heightmap
reload_lakesReloads the lakes
reload_mapReloads the map
reload_provincemapReloads the provincemap
reload_straitsUpdate strait vertex buffers
reload_treemapReloads the treemap
reloadfx [Arguments: map/mapname/postfx or *.fx filename]Reloads the shader
reloadinterfaceReloads the entire interface
reloadlocReloads the localisation
reloadtexture [texture file name]Reloads the specified texture
reloadtradewindsReloads trade winds
remove_cb [] [] [ OPTIONAL]Remove casus belli from target country
remove_claim [] [ OPTIONAL]Remove claim
remove_core [] [ OPTIONAL]Remove core
remove_defender_faithRemoves the defender of the Faith for the players religion
remove_interest []Removes specified country tag from your interest
remove_march [] [ OPTIONAL]make a march the specified tag
remove_rival []Removes a rival.
remove_trait []Removes a ruler personality.
rendertypeReports what render backend is used
reset_economy []Resets global economy statistics
reset_godResets personal deity
reset_migrateResets the time you'll have to wait until migration is allowed again.
reset_mission_cancel []Resets time to new mission after cancelling old one.
reset_powerspend []Resets global powerspend statistics
revolt []Starts a Revolt in a province
revolution_target []Sets the revolution target.
rgb(rgb) []Prints desired amount of random color values to game.log
run []Runs effects in specified file. 
Example: run my_script.txt
By default looks in \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\ for files. 
For mods, the game will look in \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod\name_of_mod\.
russian []Grants full government ability points or specified amount. 
Works for Russian government types added in Third Rome (e.g. Principality/Tsardom) as well as governments added/updated in Cradle of Civilization (e.g. Mamluk)
sailors [] [ OPTIONAL]Adds sailors (default value: 5000)
savegameCreates an savefile.
scoreScore data dumped to game.log
selflearningaiEnables/Disables Self-Learning AI
set_consort_flag [] []Sets a global flag
set_flag []Sets a global flag
set_leader_trait []Set selected leader's personality trait
set_prov_flag [] []Sets a flag for a province
setmissionaryprogress [] []Sets the missionary progress for a province.
SetRandomCountSets the randomcount to 0 or arg
show_ideas []National ideas of the specified country dumped to game.log
siege []Wins the siege in the specified province
smoothframelogToggles smooth frame logging
spawn [] []Spawns an unit in a province. For example, "spawn 1 western_medieval_infantry" spawns a Latin Medieval Infantry in Stockholm. See the file names in the common/units folder for a complete list of .
spawnactor [] [] [ OPTIONAL]Spawns an actor with an optional animation
spectate(spectate)Goes into Spectator mode
splendorGives 1000 Splendor
spritelevel []Sets a forced sprite level. Specify no argument to reset.
spynetwork [] []Adds spy network with target country
stability [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Changes the stability of the specified country (to maximum without value)
state []Toggles State for owner of region of province.
statsStats dumped to game.log
tag []Switch tag to another country
tech []Gets levels in all technology types
test_achievement []tests a specific achievement
testevent [] []Tests an event without triggering it
testmission []Tests a mission without triggering it
texture_usagePrints texture usage
ti(debug_ti)Toggles Terra Incognita on/off
timeDisplays the current time in the command box.
timerPrints out debug timing info
timer_resetResets debug timing
timer_restartRestarts (resets and starts) debug timing
timer_startStarts debug timing
timer_stopStops debug timing
touch_testTesting touch
trust [] []Adds trust with target country
update_loc [localization tag]Updates the localization tag file
validateeventsValidates all events without triggering it
vassalize [] [ OPTIONAL]Vassalize the specified tag
versionPrints the game version
victorycardForce enables victory cards in singleplayer
window(wnd) [Arguments: open/close] [window gui name]Opens or closes the specified window
winwarsGives max war score in all wars for the country
yesmanToggles AI positive responses (on: always accept; off: normal response)

Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands List 2

cash (Insert Number) [ OPTIONAL]Extra Money
manpower (Insert Number) [ OPTIONAL]Extra manpower (in thousands)
sailors (Insert Number) [ OPTIONAL]Extra sailors
prestige [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Adds prestige. Gives 5 prestige if no amount is given.
legitimacy [] [ OPTIONAL]Sets the legitimacy of the current ruler
adm [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Get administrative power points (if not specified, gives 999)
dip [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Get diplomatic power points (if not specified, gives 999)
mil [ OPTIONAL] [ OPTIONAL]Get military power points (if not specified, gives 999)
yesmanToggle AI diplomatic responses (on: always accept; off: normal response)
fowToggles fog of war on/off
tiToggles terra incognita on/off
debug_modeDisplays province ID, country tag, and border distance when mousing over provinces.


If you are keen to know more about the history and also have an interest for playing strategic games, you should try Europa Universalis IV. It will take you on a roller-coaster journey of excitement and thrill. Not many games in the market right now have such amazing features as EU4 and offer such a lucrative campaign.

EU4 is absolutely worth every penny. The game gives you the chance to customize practically anything that your heart desires. All the aspects such as exploration, trade, warfare and combat, diplomacy etc are all brought to life in this epic title.

Get ready to explore and re-live history once again. Fight wars and dominate nations, and exploit them to the core.