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Mount & Blade: Warband Cheats and Console Command


Mount & Blade: Warband is an extension to its stand-alone predecessor Mount & Blade. It’s predecessor Mount & Blade is an action role-playing video game. Due to the fierce popularity of its predecessor, the developers decided to release an extension to the game.

mount and blade warband console commands and cheats
Mount & Blade: Warband is developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment and published collectively by TaleWorlds Entertainment, Paradox Interactive, and Koch Media. The game was initially released on 30 March 2010. It is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and Macintosh operating systems.


In this extension, the developers have added the Multiplayer option. A few new storylines have been introduced in the game too. The graphics and the user-interface of the game have been reworked and improved. The combat animations have been reanimated.

Mount & Blade: Warband Multiplayer:

The new multiplayer mode which has been introduced to the game removes all the RPG(Role-playing game) and map components from the single-player mode and focuses on direct combat between players. Up to 200 people can play a multiplayer match together at once depending on the number of factions selected. The multiplayer character cannot be upgraded. The Multiplayer mode includes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquest, Battle, and Siege.

Key Features of Mount & Blade: Warband

The game is quite engaging and entertaining. It is an absolute gem for people who like playing strategy games and action role-playing games.
Here are some of the amazing features the game offers to its players:

  • The graphics have been improved.
  • New models and high-quality textures have been added to the game.
  • Multiplayer battle with up to 200 players, splitting into two teams depending on the number of factions.
  • The game mechanics have been reworked and improved.
  • You can now pick any projectile from the battlefield and use it as a munition.
  • The combat system has been improved. Motion-captured animations have been added to the game.

How to Enable Cheats:

To use cheats and console commands, you first have to make few changes to the game. You need to make few changes to the game settings, which will allow you to enter cheats.

To enable cheats, first, start the game. Before you click on the Play button, browse to Configure. You will see a lot of options, click on Game and check the box which says Enable Cheats.

and voila! That’s it. You have now successfully enabled cheats. You can also disable the cheats the same way you have enabled them.

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Mount & Blade: Warband Cheats and Console Commands:

Before you start using cheats, you should be aware of the fact that once you have enabled cheats you will stop gaining Steam Achievements. However, you can always disable cheats if you want to start gaining achievements.
Below is a comprehensive list of cheats and console commands which you can use to enrich your gameplay experience. Read the description of the command before you use it.

Conole Command/CheatEffect
Ctrl + ~ (then type in 'cheatmenu' no '')Activate Cheat Menu (allows for a multitude of cheats including adding items and improving relations[also some debug features])
CTRL+F5AI takes over you character in battles
CTRL+HCompletely heals you
CTRL+Shift+HCompletely heals your horse
CTRL+F3Damage yourself
Ctrl + ~ (then type in 'nocheatmenu' no '')Deactivate Cheat Menu
Ctrl + spaceFast Forward waiting at map
CTRL+XGives experience to the selected party member
CTRL+XGives you 1000 XP in the character screen
CTRL+WGreatly increases all of your weapon proficiencies
CTRL+XIn the inventory it gives you 1000 Gold
Ctrl+Alt+F4Knock unconscious all enemy troops
Ctrl+Shift+F4Knocks out all enemies zoomed into. (Holding shift and looking at)
Ctrl+Shift+F6Knocks out all of your troops
Ctrl+F6Knocks out one of your troops
CTRL+F4Knocks unconcious an enemy after a number of presses
CTRL+TLet's you see everything except hideouts on the World Map
Ctrl + LLevel Up
CTRL+Left ClickOn the World Map, teleports your party to where you click
CTRL + F9Slow Motion (Press again to turn on or off)
Ctrl + F11Stop the time at battle
Ctrl + Left ClickUpgrade all available units to that path.

Note: Do not use multiple cheats & commands at once as it may result in crashing the game. Make sure you take a backup of the game files before you start using cheats.

Unturned Cheats and Console Commands



Unturned is an open world single player and co-op multiplayer survival game. It fits right into the Action, Adventure, and Casual genre. The game was designed and published officially by Nelson Sexton. Smartly Programmed Games is also owned by Nelson Sexton. He is the founder of Smartly Programmed games. Unturned was officially released for Microsoft Windows on 7 July 2017. The game is currently available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.


The story of the game is quite similar to other survival games. However, there are a few twists which make the game extraordinary than the other titles.
The game starts by spawning the player in the middle of the map of their choice. Players must search and find weapons to defend themselves against zombies and hostile creatures. You must also find supplies to yourself alive. You need to find food and water to keep yourself alive.
As you progress through the game, you earn experience from killing zombies and hostile creatures. You can use these experience points later for upgrades.

Unturned Survival Game Mode

In the survival mode, the player is spawned on the map with clothes matching their skill set. Players meed to for weapons and supplies to survive against the zombie apocalypse. Survival Mode is available in multiplayer too. You can easily play the game with your friends or random people on the internet. The sole objective is to survive, but players may team-up and kill each other.

Unturned Arena Game Mode

Arena game mode is only available to play in multiplayer. Players are spawned in the center of the map with important supplies and weapons scattered around them. The players need to rush and collect items, so they can last longer in the game.
The last person, or the last team, alive is the winner of the game. The game mode allows players to kill each other and their team-mates too.

Unturned Horde Game Mode

Horde game mode is still in the beta stage and can be accessed through the Steam Workshop. In horde game mode, players collectively fight waves of zombies and the points collected by them can be used to buy upgrades. In this game mode, the player cannot die due to hunger or thirst.

How to enable Console Window

To use cheats and commands in Unturned, you first need to enable the console window where you will enter your cheats and activate. In most games, the console window is disabled by default. However, in Unturned, the console window is already enabled.
To open the console window, press the tilde “~” key. You can now enter cheats in the console window and press Enter key to activate the cheats.

Unturned Cheats and Console Commands

The game is quite interesting and fun to play. I have compiled a list of all the cheats and console commands which you can use in the game to enrich your gaming experience.

AdminAdmin [SteamID | Player]Adds the specified player to the list of users allowed to use admin commands in the chat.
AdminsAdminsShows a list of the current admins.
AirdropAirdropThis forces a dropship to fly over and perform an airdrop.
BanBan [SteamID | Player]/[Reason]/[Duration]Bans the specified player for a specified reason (optional) and duration (optional). Default is one year, or 31,536,000 seconds as shown in console. Users attempting to connect to the server will see the remaining seconds and reason for the ban.
BansBansShows a list of the current bans.
BindBind [IP]Binds a specific internal IP to the socket.
ChatrateChatrate [Number]Assigns a minimum time between chat messages to prevent spamming.
CheatsCheats [Enable | Disable]Allows your server to access certain commands, such as Give, and can only be used in the server's commands.dat file.
CycleCycle [Number]Assigns the length of the day/night cycle in seconds.
DayDayAssigns the current time to day.
DebugDebugProvides information on the state of the server.
ExperienceExperience [SteamID | Player]/[Experience]Gives a specified player experience.
FilterFilterFilters out players with non-English-alphanumeric names.
FlagFlag [SteamID | Player]/[Flag]/[Value]Sets a player's flag.
GiveGive [SteamID | Player]/[ItemID]/AmountGives the specified player an item.
GoldGoldRestricts the server to only allow Gold players.
HelpHelp [Command]Provides information on the specified command.
Hide_AdminsHide_AdminsAdmins will appear as if they are normal players.
Also allows the recording of cinematic footage without the admin labels visible to players.
KickKick [SteamID | Player]/[Reason]Disconnects the specified player from the server.
KillKill [SteamID | Player]Kills the specified player in-game.
LoadoutLoadout [SkillsetID]/[ItemID]/[ItemID]/...Gives players each item when spawning. Using a skillset ID of 255 gives the item to everyone.
Can only be used in a server console or the server's Commands.dat file. SkillsetIDs are from 0-10 in the same order as displayed when editing a survivor. 255 = All Skillsets.
LogLog [Chat]/[Join/Leave]/[Death]/[Anticheat]Enables logging Chat/Join/Leave/Death messages. Each parameter can only be Y or N. (eg. log y/y/y will log all chat, connections and death messages.)
MapMap [Level]Sets the map that the server loads on startup.
MaxPlayersMaxPlayers [Number]Sets the maximum number of connections the server is willing to accept.
ModeMode [Easy | Normal | Hard]Assigns the difficulty of the server.
NameName [Text]Assigns the name of the server on the server list.
NightNightAssigns the current time to night.
OwnerOwner [SteamID]Gives admin rights to the steamid. Must be placed in the server's Commands.dat
PasswordPassword [Text]Assigns the codeword required for entry to the server.
PermitPermit [SteamID]/[Tag]Adds the specified player to the list of users allowed to join the server.
(e.g. 76561198267201306/SDGNelson)
PermitsPermitsShows a list of the current players allowed to join the server.
PerspectivePerspective [First | Third | Both | Vehicle]Assigns the perspective of the server.
PlayersPlayersShows a list of the current player on the server.
PortPort [Number]Assigns the port of the server. Port + 1 and port + 2 are also used, so remember to open them on the router as well.
PvEPvEDisables player versus player combat in favor of player versus environment.
Queue_SizeQueue_Size [Number]Sets the maximum number of queued connections the server is willing to hold on to.
ReputationReputation [SteamID | Player]/[Reputation]Gives a player some reputation.
ResetConfigResetConfigResets the config.dat file to the default values.
SaveSaveForces a proper save of the server state.
SaySay [Text]/[R]/[G]/[B]Broadcasts a message to all of the connected clients.
ShutdownShutdown [Delay]Properly saves the server state, disconnects the clients and closes the server.
SlaySlay [SteamID | Player]Kills the specified player in-game and bans them for 31,536,000 seconds (one year).
SpySpy [SteamID | Player]Requests a screenshot from the target player and saves it on the caller's computer as Spy.jpg.
StormStormToggles rain.
SyncSyncAllows players to share savedata between your servers.
TeleportTeleport [SteamID | Player]/[SteamID | Player | Location]Teleports the first player to the second or a location. If the input is abbreviated, the command will choose the player or location based on what is closest alphabetically.
TimeTime [Number]Assigns the current time in seconds of the day/night cycle.
TimeoutTimeout [Number]Assigns a maximum ping threshold to the server before a client is kicked.
UnadminUnadmin [SteamID | Player]Removes the specified player from the list of users allowed to use admin commands in the chat.
UnbanUnban [SteamID]Removes the specified player from the list of users not allowed to join the server.
UnpermitUnpermit [SteamID]Removes the specified player from the list of users allowed to join the server.
VehicleVehicle [SteamID | Player]/[VehicleID]Gives the specified player a vehicle.
VotifyVotify [Vote Allowed Y|N]/[Pass Cooldown]/[Fail Cooldown]/[Vote Duration]/[Vote Percentage]/[Required Players]Sets up voting. Pass/fail cooldown specifies the amount of time that players must wait after a successful/failed vote before initiating another vote. Vote duration specifies the amount of time for each vote to remain active. Vote percentage indicates the percentage of "yes" votes required for a successful vote and must be expressed in decimals (e.g., 0.6 for 60%). Required players specifies the minimum number of connected players in order to initiate a vote.
WelcomeWelcome [Text]/[R]/[G]/[B]Sets a chat box welcome message shown to clients when connected to the server.
WhitelistedWhitelistedThis makes only permitted players allowed to join the server.

Note: Do not use too many cheats at once as it may result in crashing the game.

Dragon Age Inquisition Console Command And Cheats

Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands

Dragon Age Inquisition is a Fantasy RPG (Role-Playing game) developed by BioWare. It was released on 18 November 2014. It is the latest title of the Dragon Age series.

More about Dragon Age Inquisition.

Fascinating Fantasy RPG:

Dragon Age is a game with beautiful stunning graphics where you get to pick a character, specifically male or a female. You get to customize your character as you wish. You can select and modify the face, pick an outfit, pick a class where you teach your character stuff like magic, spirits and a whole bunch of fantasy stuff.

Huge Size:

The game takes up to 26 GB of space when it is installed on Windows system. The minimum requirement to run the game is having a CPU speed of about 2.5 GHz, with 2 GB RAM and Windows 7/8.1.

Fewer Bugs And Glitches:

Although, it is a huge game with an open world environment, there are not many bugs and glitches in the game. You will experience a lot fewer bugs in Dragon Age as compared to any other game. This makes the game experience more seamless.

Apart from the bugs, the game lags quite a bit. It is not as smooth as you may have expected. Because of the huge open world environment, it hangs in the middle of the missions, and you need to start the mission again from the beginning. This is irritating as you have to restart every mission from the beginning because of the lag and frame drops.

As compared to PC, the Xbox version has lesser bugs. The Xbox version has quite different bugs. There are weird shudders and ticks at the borders of non-player characters that get zoomed in automatically, annoying textures that pop up on the screen and missing menu option that would occasionally crash your game and will force you to start the game again.

The sound effects are totally messed up. Seldom the game would have a glitch during a conversation and no sound would be played.

Takes Over 100 Hours To Complete:

It may look like the game may get finished in 60-70 hours but it actually takes up to 100 hours to complete it. You can’t rush through the mission and story line in Dragon Age Disquisition. The game slows down your progress by making you complete all the objectives to pass on to the next mission. Map regions are locked until you finish the side missions. It halts your progress tremendously. The game demands to be that you take your time to play it, to think, and to strategize.

Story Continued From The Previous Titles:

As the storyline is continued from the previous titles, you need to play the other two games if you want to get accustomed to this game. Dragon Age is based on lore, characters, and folk which build the backstory of the game.
To play Inquisition, you need to know all the characters from the previous titles as you might get lost without this information.

Dragon Age Inquisition.

Inquisition focuses on politics too. Specifically, the civil war which is raging in the village the nation next door, to the Origins of the nation. There are a few new features added to the game. The User Interface has been reworked and updated. The models have been updated too.

A few twists have been added to this latest titles. Players who have finished the previous titles will also have to brush up their skills on mysticism and combat.

Dragon Age Inquisition Astrarium

There are more than 15 astarium puzzles in the game. The trick to solve astarium puzzles is to connect all the dots in a particular sequence until you get the right image.
Here are a few astarium puzzles which you can be found in the game: The Redcliffe Courts camp Astrarium puzzle, South of the camp at Redcliffe, Morrin’s Outlook Astrarium puzzle, Cliffside Astrarium puzzle, North Astrarium puzzle, Glenmorgan Mine Astrarium puzzle, Forrester Homestead Astrarium puzzle, Fisherman’s hut Astrarium puzzle, Nettle Pass Astrarium puzzle, North Emerald Graves Astrarium puzzle, Harrow Astrarium puzzle, The fortress Astrarium puzzle, Prison Astrarium puzzle.

Dragon Age Inquisition Console:

To enter a cheat or command, you first need to enable the console. The console window is a special debugging window where you enter cheats & commands. In Dragon Age Inquisition, the console window is already enabled. You need to press the tilde ” ~ ” key to open the console.
Once you open up the console, you can enter your desired cheat one by one. Press Enter to activate the cheat / command.

Dragon Age Inquisition Cheats and Console Commands:

Inquisition is a very big game as compared to the previous titles. To finish it quickly and to have fun playing it you definitely need the help of cheats and commands. I have compiled a comprehensive list of all the cheats and commands which you can use in Dragon Age Inquisition below.

To use them, you just need to open the console window, enter your desired cheat and press Enter to activate it.

helpGraphic options
runscript pc_immortalGod Mode
Xrunscript dbg_setattrib x y1 minute attribute buff
runscript addxp xAdd experience points to your character(s) for faster leveling up
runscript chargen mageChanges player to a level 2 mage
runscript chargen rogueChanges player to a level 2 rogue
runscript chargen warriorChanges player to a level 2 warrior
runscript bowlingforfereldenKnocks back enemies and forms a shield around you
runscript zz_supercrit playerGives the player 1000 mana, 1000 health, 50 Strength, and 50 Dexterity
runscript healplayerHeals the players and his/her party
runscript killallhostilesKills all enemies in the area
runscript injury rempartyRemoves all injuries from your party
runscript addmoney xxAdd money to your character. xx is the amount of gold you want to add to your inventory

Note: Make sure you backup all your game files before you start altering with game data. Do not enter too many cheats at once as it may result in crashing the game and you may end up losing your saved progress in the game.


Dragon Age Inquisition is an amazing game with some pretty neat graphics. The graphics are absolutely stunning with great background score. If you are a fan of RPG and open world games, then this game will not disappoint you. The game is worth every penny.

Even if you haven’t played the previous titles of the series, you can play this game having no impact on it. There are also many trainers available on the internet which you can use to get better at the game. The game is really fun and it gives you more pleasure when you start using cheats. The game has a lot of positive reviews on the internet by some reputable individuals.

Make sure you at least give this game a try!

XCOM 2 Cheats and Console Commands


XCOM 2 is the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the first title in the series that was awarded as the best strategy game in the year 2012.

Similar to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 is a strategy based tactics video game. The developers of the game, Firaxis games, say that it is the best strategy based tactics video game out there. The game is published by 2K Games.

XCOM 2 was first released for Windows, OS X, and Linux. The game was released in February 2016. It later became available for PS4 and Xbox One in September 2016.

XCOM 2 is that latest title from the XCOM series. It is the successor to its predecessor XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which was released back in 2012. The latest title is the continuation of the story of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The face of the earth has changed. Now aliens rule the world. A military organization which has lost the war against an alien invasion and has now become a leading force against their misdoings towards Earth.


More About XCOM 2

XCOM has been released by its developers with quite a huge acclaim that it is the best title in the series yet. Surprisingly, it is a quite bit tricker in comparison to the previous titles from the series.

The game is one of a kind. It is one of the deepest and most rewarding strategies based tactic game on the market. XCOM 2 is a truly amazing game.

XCOM 2 has a lot of changes. The developers have reworked a lot of things. Here are a few of the amazing features of the game which are appreciable:

Customizable Characters

XCOM 2, is one of a type. Unlike other games where you are forced to choose among the existing characters, XCOM 2 does not coerce you to do this. The game provides you the ability to completely customize your own character from scratch.

Quite cool, right? The complete power to build your own character from scratch.

You can team up with your friends as a team in XCOM 2 which doubles the fun and excitement. Talking about customization, the game not only provides visual customizations but also character abilities.

Game Mechanics:

XCOM 2 has reworked mechanics. Now you are able to sneak past enemies or initiate attacks on patrols because no one is able to notify you when you begin a mission.

The reworked mechanics help you to execute a fatal ambush while keeping your squad hidden. The reworked map mechanics also keep you hidden until you get within a specific radius of the enemy, or open fire on them.

XCOM 2 is diverse, it offers you a lot of options and playing style. You can dash ahead without looking anywhere or go into Overwatch mode all alone and hit the highest-priority target in the group of enemies.

Combat Mechanics:

A lot of action games which are currently on the market have the same combat mechanics. Like, in most action games the enemy troops are deployed ahead of you, or in the nearby region. You have to assault and defeat them in order to win. Well, this isn’t the case with XCOM 2. The game demands a lot of efforts from you. You will have to give your best to win.
You have to think like a strategist. You’ll have to consider all the factors before you start open-firing on the enemy. You need to consider which enemy to kill first, what resources to use, etc.

XCOM 2 has implemented an easy to understand the new system which makes two moves per turn. In each round, the soldier can only perform two actions and move to a new position shooting with the acquired weapons. This helps you to move quickly around the map and help evacuate your team-mates who are under enemy fire.

Map Mechanics And Objectives

The map mechanics have been reworked too. The objectives of the game now consist of tracking the enemy’s newly built resources and destroying them to complete the objectives. You need to go around each region to track the enemy’s resources.

You start from a random location. You need to position and build your base accordingly so that you have an advantage over the enemy. You can make connections with various forces in various regions, collect supplies and execute raids against the enemies.

The map does not show warning markers, it is all up to you whether you choose to make risky moves like raiding enemies or defend and extract VIPs.

XCOM 2 Console Commands and Cheats

Similar to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, there are a lot of cheats and console commands for XCOM 2. You can use them anytime whenever you feel stuck in the game. Also, you should keep in mind that when you use any of the cheats or commands, the game will become very easy for you. So just keep in mind that you do not overuse them, as it may ruin the game experience for you.

Another good news is that using cheats or commands will not hinder your achievements, so you can use them as much as you like. You can also use them during missions to make it easier for you to pass them.

In order to use cheats, you first need to enable console in XCOM 2, which is a special debugging window where you type in the cheats and commands. For that, you need to make changes in the launch options of the game. Go to your Steam Library. Search for XCOM 2 and right click on it, then choose Properties. You will see a button which reads “Set launch options”. Click on it and paste the following commands:
-allowconsole -log -autodebug

And it’s done. Now all you have to do is to launch the game and hit the ~ key. Enter any of the following cheats and commands and fun playing the game.

A List of Popular XCOM 2 Cheats And Console Commands

Here is a list of the most popular cheat codes used in XCOM 2. Just enter the code in the console window and press enter to activate it. Make sure you read the description of the cheat code properly before using it.

Cheats CodeEffects
giveengineer 1Gives 1 engineer staff
givescientist 1Gives 1 scientist staff
giveresource supplies (insert number)CASH
TakeNoDamageyour squad is immune to damage, also known as godmode
PowerUptake no damage, no need to reload, unlimited movement – even better godmode!
LevelUpBarracksget 1 rank up on ALL soldiers in the barracks
togglefowopens up the entire map (Clears fog of war)

List of All the Cheats Codes available for XCOM 2

Cheats CodeEffects
SetStratagyFacilitiesSuperSpreeAbility to build all facilities instantly for free, toggle with on/off
SetStrategyFacilitiesUnlockAllAbility to build all facilities, toggle with on/off
SetStratagyFacilitiesInstantBuildAbility to build facilities instantly, toggle with on/off
SetStratagyFacilitiesFreeAll facilities free, toggle with on/off
TakeNoDamageAll units invincible
PowerUpAll units invincible with unlimited ammo
enablecheatsEnables the use of commands
giveresource CorpseAdventMEC #Gives # amount of Advent MEC corpses
giveresource CorpseAdventOfficer #Gives # amount of Advent Officer corpses
giveresource CorpseAdventShieldbearer #Gives # amount of Advent Shieldbearer corpses
giveresource CorpseAdventStunLancer #Gives # amount of Advent Stun Lancer corpses
giveresource CorpseAdventTrooper #Gives # amount of Advent Trooper corpses
giveresource AlienAlloy #Gives # amount of Alien Alloys
giveresource CorpseArchon #Gives # amount of Archon corpses
giveresource CorpseBerserker #Gives # amount of Berserker corpses
additem heavyplatedarmor #Gives # amount of E.X.O. Suits
giveresource EleriumCore #Gives # amount of Elerium Cores
giveresource EleriumDust #Gives # amount of Elerium Crystals
giveresource CorpseFaceless #Gives # amount of Faceless corpses
giveresource Intel #Gives # amount of Intel
giveresource CorpseMuton #Gives # amount of Muton corpses
additem EpicPCSAgility #Gives # amount of PCS: Superior Agility
additem EpicPCSConditioning #Gives # amount of PCS: Superior Conditioning
additem EpicPCSFocus #Gives # amount of PCS: Superior Focus
additem EpicPCSPerception #Gives # amount of PCS: Superior Perception
additem EpicPCSSpeed #Gives # amount of PCS: Superior Speed
giveresource CorpseSectoid #Gives # amount of Sectoid corpses
additem lightplatedarmor #Gives # amount of Spider Suits
additem ReloadUpgrade_Sup #Gives # amount of Superior Auto-Loaders
additem ClipSizeUpgrade_Sup #Gives # amount of Superior Expanded Magazines
additem FreeFireUpgrade_Sup #Gives # amount of Superior Hair Triggers
additem CritUpgrade_Sup #Gives # amount of Superior Laser Sights
additem FreeKillUpgrade_Sup #Gives # amount of Superior Repeaters
additem AimUpgrade_Sup #Gives # amount of Superior Scopes
additem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup #Gives # amount of Superior Stocks
giveresource supplies #Gives # amount of Supplies
giveresource CorpseViper #Gives # amount of Viper corpses
additem heavypoweredarmor #Gives # amount of W.A.R. Suits
additem lightpoweredarmor #Gives # amount of Wraith Suits
givescientist #Gives a Scientist with skill level #
giveengineer #Gives an Engineer with skill level #
GiveTech [techname]Gives the specified tech, replace [techname] with the tech you want

Cheats for Unlocking XCOM 2 Heroes

Cheats CodeEffects
Sid MeierEquipped with plasma weapons and and all Psi abilities
Beaglerush (nickname)Grenadier equipped with war suit and best weapons
Peter Van DoornRanger equipped with wraith suit and best weapons

Cheats For Trophies

DLC: Alien Hunters Trophies

Investigate the Abandoned Research FacilityA Forbidden Experiment
Kill the Archon RulerArchon Annihilator
Kill the Berserker RulerBerserker Breaker
Purchase all of the final tier hunter weaponsDeadly Arsena
Use a ruler armor ability against an alien rulerEnemy Adopted
Kill all three alien rulers in a single gameKingslayer
Kill an alien ruler while it attempts to escapeNot Throwing Away My Shot
Use all ruler armor abilities in a single missionNow I Am The Master
Kill an alien ruler the first time you encounter itRegicide
Kill the Viper RulerViper Vanquisher

DLC: Shen’s Last Gift

Beat the Lost Towers missionA Torch Passed
Hit three shots on a single turn with a SPARK unit after using its Overdrive abilityAlways be Shooting
Defeat a robotic enemy with a SPARK unitAxles to Axles, Bolts to Bolts
Outfit a SPARK unit with the highest tier weaponry and armorBells and Whistles
Build a SPARK unitJust Like Dad Used To Make
Kill an enemy primed Derelict MEC before it can self-destructMake ‘em go Boom
Defeat an Avatar with a SPARK unitMatter Over Mind
Promote a SPARK unit to Champion rankOur New Overlords
Complete a mission with three or more SPARK units in the squadRise of the Robots
A SPARK unit survives a mission it started with less than half healthRunning on Fumes

Main Game

Recover the Forge ItemA Better Human Being
Recover the Psi GateA Dark Doorway
Create the Commander’s AvatarA Final Stand
Kill an AvatarA God Falls
Recover a Codex BrainA Grim Key
Recover the Blacksite DataA Horrible Truth
Complete the Avatar AutopsyA Line Crossed
Beat a mission in June or later using only RookiesBeginner’s Luck
Kill a Viper who is strangling a squadmateBreathing Room
Sabotage an alien facilityBring It Down
Skulljack each different type of ADVENT soldier (does not have to be in same game)Brutal Collection
Cause an enemy to die in a car explosionCar Explosion
Build the Shadow ChamberCodebreaker
Kill a Sectoid who is currently mind controlling a squadmateCome Back To Me
Unlocked all other XCOM 2 trophiesCommander
Earn a second tier hack rewardCyberlord
Kill a Berserker in melee combatDavid and Goliath
Overthrow the aliens on Commander difficultyDefender of Humanity
Overthrow the aliens at any difficulty levelEarth Avenged
Completely upgrade a beam weapon with superior grade weapon upgradesExcalibur
Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty by July 1stExquisite Timing
Complete the tactical tutorialFirst Blood
Get all of the continent bonuses available in a single campaignGlobal Resistance
Apply a PCS upgrade to a soldierHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Cause an enemy to fall to its deathHave a Nice Trip
Kill an enemy with every heavy weapon in the game (doesn’t have to be in the same game)Heavy Metal
Beat a Retaliation mission with 3 or less civilian deathsHeroes of the Resistance
Overthrow the aliens on Legend difficultyImmortal Commander
Complete a successful ambushLike Clockwork
Upgrade a weaponLocked and Loaded
Kill a Sectopod on the same turn you encounter it (in Single Player)Meat Over Metal
Hack a SectopodMechlord
Evacuate a soldier whose bleed-out timer is still runningNick of Time
Kill 3 enemies in a single turn, with a single soldier, without explosivesNow Am I Become Death
Beat a mission on Commander+ with a squad of soldiers only of the same class (but not Rookie)Overpowered
Kill 500 aliens. (does not have to be in same game)Pile ‘Em Up
Build Resistance CommsRebel Radio
Make contact with a regionRise of the Resistance
Upgrade a facilityRoom to Grow
Complete a RumorRumor Hunter
Sell goods worth 1000 supplies to the Black Market (Can span multiple games)Shadow Broker
Build a facility in every Avenger slotShen’s Legacy
Kill an enemy with a hacked turretStop Hitting Yourself
Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty without buying a Squad Size upgradeThe Few and the Proud
Play in a multiplayer matchThe Most Dangerous Game
Build a radio relay on every continentThe Sun Never Sets
Beat the game on Commander+ without losing a soldierThe Untouchables
Build an experimental item in the Proving GroundsTinker
Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty in Ironman modeValhalla
Beat the final mission using only conventional gearWho Needs Tygan?
Skulljack an ADVENT OfficerWith Extreme Prejudice

Fallout 4 Console Commands and Cheats For PC

Fallout 4 Console Commands

Fallout 4 is a popular RPG (Role playing game) game. It is famous amongst avid gamers and video game fanatics. There are quite a few reasons as for why the game is so much popular among post-apocalypse and fanatics.

The game is developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game was released on 10 November 2015 and is currently available for Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox One.

Fallout 4 Storyline

The story is based on an open world environment in the post-apocalypse period. The storyline is set in the city of Boston surrounding the Massachusetts area which is popularly known as ‘The Commonwealth’. The game revolves around the central character widely known as ‘The Lone Survivor’ who is in search of his missing child. You must explore the environment, complete quests and acquire points to level up in the quest of finding his missing child.

Fallout Console Commands For PC

You can choose a companion who follows you and helps you in completing quests. However, they can drop you anytime if they don’t like how you are progressing in the game. Companions can perform tasks for you like picking locks and acquiring loot.

Well the storyline sounds interesting, right? It sure is. The features of the game too, are quite remarkable. Here are few of the features of the game:

Fallout 4 Features

Over 400 hours of Gameplay

The open world environment is so huge that it takes a while to completely finish all the objectives and quests. In total, it takes more than 400 hours to finish the whole game. The storyline keeps getting more interesting as you progress into the, thus playing the game becomes endlessly fun.

Fewer Bugs and Glitches

Fallout 4 has been made in a new game engine and thus there are only a few bugs and glitches here and there. Also, the developers release updates weekly to fix bugs and glitches which have been reported by the players.

New Weapons

In Fallout 4, new weapons have been introduced so as to give a new flavor to the game. New rifles, shotguns, and handguns have been introduced in the game. The game has become a lot more fun as new ranged weapons also do melee damage. You can install a knife on your sniper or shotgun and use it as a melee weapon.

Fallout 4 Cheats and Console Commands

To use the cheats and commands you need to enable the console in Fallout 4, which is a special debugging window where you can enter the commands. You can use the console while playing the game. The console cannot be accessed in the Playstation and Xbox version of the game. The console also does not work in Survival mode.

To open the console, press the tilde (~) key. A screen will pop up where you will be able to enter the cheats and commands.

There are various types of console commands which can be used in Fallout 4, some of them are as follows:

Target command

These are the commands which target a specific player. They can be used by selecting a target with the mouse or using the keyword prid<refID> before the command.

Except these, all the other commands are not targeted. They can be used without a target. They have global as well as a targeted effect.

Fallout 4 also has an option that allows you to enter and execute multiple commands at once. To enter and execute multiple commands at once, just separate them using a semicolon.

GodMode/ tgm

The godmode enables you to become invincible. Once you enable godmode, your player does not reflect any damage and radiation. It also enables you to breathe underwater.

You get unlimited ammunition. You can just keep spamming your bullets and you’ll never run out of ammo.

To enable godmode, you need to use the tgm command.

ImmortalMode / tim

This command gives your player unlimited health. Using this, your will never get to zero health. However, this does not make you invincible. You need to be careful because you still can die due to radiation. It does not provide unlimited ammunition, so you need to be careful about how you use your ammunition.

To enable the ImmortalMode, enter the tim command in the console.

There are more such commands which you can execute in Fallout 4. Pretty much they are going to help you to get to the next level in case you get stuck somewhere. Fallout 4 is pretty hard as the combat mechanics have been reworked.

If you are unable to get past some levels, you the following commands to quickly get past them.

  •  CompleteQuest
    Using this command, the current quest which you are trying to complete will automatically get completed. Just enter the command in the console window and hit enter. Easy as that.
  • CompleteAllObjectives <QuestID>
    Use this command to complete all the objectives of a quest. Just enter the quest id and all the objectives of the quest will be completed.

These 2 commands are more than enough to get past any level in the game. However, if you feel that these two aren’t enough, here’s a complete list of cheats and commands which you can use in Fallout 4.

Complete List Of Cheats and Commands – Fallout 4:

Use the following cheats to your heart’s content. Just make sure you don’t use a lot of commands as it may crash the game. Read the description properly before you use the commands.

Fallout 4 General Commands

tgmGod Mode(infinite health, ammo, AP)
taiToggle all NPC AI on / off.
tcaiToggle NPC combat AI on / off.
tclTurn NoClip mode on / off.
tmm 1Show all markers on map.
unlockUnlock selected door / terminal
tfcKill selected target
KillAllKill all NPCs in immediate area.
player.additem [item code] [#]Add an item to your inventory.
player.placeatme [object code]Spawn an item or NPC nearby.
player.setlevel [level]Advance to the indicated experience level

Fallout 4 Item Console Commands

Rad Away23742
Fusion Core00075FE4
Nuka-Cola Quantum0004835F
Duct Tape0004D1F2
Fibre Optics69087
Nuclear Material69086
Toy Alien00059B2B
Large Baby Bottle001A899B
Military Grade Circuit Board00154AD2

Fallout 4 Companions Item Console Commands

John Hancock22615
Robert MacCready0002a8a7
Paladin Danse0005de4d
Preston Garvey0001a4d7
Nick Valentine00002f25

Fallout 4 Bobblehead Item Codes

Perception Bobblehead00178B5D
Strength Bobblehead00178b63
Endurance Bobblehead00178b55
Charisma Bobblehead00178b54
Intelligence Bobblehead00178b58
Agility Bobblehead00178b51
Luck Bobblehead00178b5a
Barter Bobblehead00178b52
Big Guns Bobblehead00178b53
Energy Weapons Bobblehead00178b56
Explosive Bobblehead00178b57
Lock Picking Bobblehead00178b59
Medicine Bobblehead00178b5b
Melee Bobblehead00178b5c
Repair Bobblehead00178b5e
Science Bobblehead00178b5F
Small Guns Bobblehead00178b60
Sneak Bobblehead00178b61
Speech Bobblehead00178b62
Unarmed Bobblehead00178b64

Books Item Code

You're Special!001a62d4

Companion Perks Code

Cait - Trigger Rush001f4187
Codsworth - Robot Sympathy001eb99b
Curie - Combat Medic001e67bc
Deacon - Cloak & Dagger0008530e
John Hancock - Isodoped00178d57
Nick Valentine - Close to Metal001e67bd
Paladin Danse - Know Your Enemy008428d
Pipe - Gift of Gab00178d54
Preston Garvey - United We Stand84298
Robert MacCready - Killshot00178d50
Strong - Beserk84290
X6-88 - Shield Harmonics000842a0

Mini Game Pip-Boy Tapes Item Command Codes

Mini Game Pip-Boy Tapes Item CommandITEM ID #
Atomic Command0006167b
Grognak & The Ruby Ruins000727fa
Red Menace000e5082
Zeta Invaders72803

Special Weapon Codes

Weapons or Item NameITEM ID #
Deathclaw Gauntletsd8576
Power Fist11b336
Junk Jete942b
Hallucigen Gas Grenadee98e5
Grognak's Axeff002c79
Homing Beacon65dec
Institute Beacon174f8f
Kremvh's Tooth00225b5e
Shem Drowne Swordff00364a
Lorenzo's Artifact Gunff001a74
Suppressed Deliverer Pistolff001a23
2076 World Series Baseball Batff003687
Zeta Gunff001dec
Alien Blaster Pistolff0010ea
Experiment 18-Aff001795
Revolutionary Sword143ab5
Chinese Officer Sword147be4
Shem Drowne's Sword238734
Syringer Rifle14d09e

Weapon Codes

Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher000BD56F
Gatling Laserff002e1f
Gauss Rifleff0036d3
Missile Launcherff0031dc
Power Fistff0017f0
Revolutionary Swordff0019f9
Railway Rifleff0026ce
Submachine Gunff0031b5
Combat Shotgunff00268c
Walking Caneff001e22

Armour Item Codes

Minutemen General's Uniformff001cd6
Minutemen General's Hatff001ebc
Kellogg's Outfitff000df8
Colonial Dusterff003687
Grognak Costumeff0036c9
Hazmat Suitff001f66
Quinlan's Armorff00281b
Vault 81 Jumpsuitff002b82
Vault 114 Jumpsuitff00396f
Vault 111 Jumpsuitff001e77
Vault 101 Jumpsuitff001bad
T-45 Power Armor Helm00154abf
T-45 Power Armor Left Arm00154abd
T-45 Power Armor Left Leg00154ac0
T-45 Power Armor Right Arm00154abe
T-45 Power Armor Right Leg00154ac1
T-45 Power Armor Chest00154ac2
T-60 Power Armor Helm00140c4a
T-60 Power Armor Left Arm00140c3d
T-60 Power Armor Left Leg00140c49
T-60 Power Armor Right Arm00140c45
T-60 Power Armor Right Leg00140c3f
T-60 Power Armor Chest00140c42
X-01 Power Armor Helm00154ac5
X-01 Power Armor Left Arm00154ac3
X-01 Power Armor Left Leg00154ac6
X-01 Power Armor Right Arm00154ac4
X-01 Power Armor Right Leg00154ac7
X-01 Power Armor Chest00154ac8

MMO Item Codes

5mm Rounds0001F66C
.308 Roundsff00272d
.44 Roundsff002685
Alien Blaster Ammoff002339
Flamer Fuelff0015fd
Fusion Cellff001e8a
Gamma Roundsff002843
Plasma Cartridgeff00366b
Railroad Spikesff002979
Cryo Cell0018ABE2


Fallout 4 is an amazing game. The storyline, the character, and the quests are mesmerizing. No matter how much you play, you just cannot get enough of the game.

Cheats like God mode, Fly and Kill all are extremely fun. Use them to add some twist to your gameplay. However, keep in mind that you do not use a lot of commands at once, as it may crash your game and you may lose all your progress in the game. Backup all your saved game files before you try to alter any game files. If you are experiencing bugs, report them to the developers as they tend to release patches for them.

Note: These cheats and commands do not work for Xbox One and Playstation.