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5 Best Xbox Emulator for Windows PC 2018


All the gaming fans love Xbox games. Xbox game console is a bit expensive, which most of the people cannot afford and they have to compromise. How about if you would not have to pay and still play the game on console? Can’t believe? But that’s true you can still play it. A twist is that you would play it on PC with an Xbox emulator not on Xbox console. Even for those who always had a desire to play it on PC it has now become possible. You would not have to always stick on TV or have to fight with family members. Now let you mom watch her favourite show and enjoy your games on PC. Let’s know more about Xbox Emulators.

xbox emulator for pc

What is Xbox emulators?

You might have heard that we can now use android apps on our PC using android emulators like Nox and BlueStacks. Similarly, an Xbox emulator works. Xbox emulator is a programme that lets you play the xbox games on your PC. It would act as Xbox console on your PC and with support the game. It makes your gaming better on PC. It makes the same interface that your Xbox console would use and helps in running your games without any hassle.

5 Best Xbox Emulator for Windows PC

Internet is full of Xbox emulators. If you would make a search you will get a long list of emulators which makes it quite confusing to choose the best one. For better gaming, it is essential to choose the correct Xbox emulator to play as only that would will give you quality gaming. We have made your work easy here and have listed  Best 5 Best Xbox Emulator for Windows PC. So here is the list-

1- CXBX emulator

CXBX emulator is Xbox emulator specially for Xbox 360 games and Xbox one games. The emulator has a good and easy interface that you would find easy to use. It makes your files executable on your PC and gives a smooth gaming. The installation of this powerful emulator is pretty simple. It can run Xbox pixel shaders. Viewing your files on this emulator is easy as it comes with inbuilt viewer. The limitations of this emulator is that it supports only 5 games Smashing drive, Futurama, Battle cry, Whacked, and Turok. It would need an optimised PC as it will require a high CPU usage and RAM.

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2- Xenia emulator

Xenia is also one of the best emulator for windows PC. It supports more than 50 games of Xbox 360 and Xbox one which is one of the advantage of having this emulator. This emulator lags in between but the only reason is that it gives more support to games. You would be able to get the updated emulator as it gets updated frequently to fix bugs and improve itself. On its limitation part, you could experience slow speed while playing in the latest version of Xenia emulator. However, as the company always keeps it updated it will soon resolve the issue.

3- Xeon Emulator

Xeon Emulator is also considered as one of the powerful emulator in this list. You would be able to play many games of Xbox 350 and Xbox one. The best thing you would get with the emulator is that it will backup your data. You can thus save all your game progress with its backup wizard. Another advantage of this Xbox emulator is that you can run it on windows and Dos operating system as it supports both. It would not let you face any lag in the game. It comes with a instruction guide that wouy guide you to install and use it. The disadvantage is that developer has stopped updating the emulator but it still works best. It doesn’t not support NTSC version of Halo.

4- EX360E Xbox 360 emulator

If you are ready to experiment with emulator, then you can try this one. This emulator supports Xbox 360 and even Xbox one games too. As the emulator is a new project so the service is not that good now but it may get fixes in the upgraded version. It also converts the file into executable ones to give you better gaming experience. It supports patcher and GUI and runs on 64 bit windows.  If you are using 32 bit windows it could be an disadvantage for you as you couldn’t use it without upgrading. Its GUI also doesn’t work smoothly.

5- DXBX emulator

This emulator is from the developers of CXBX emulator. You would get a better service in this emulator than CXBX emulator. It has DirectD3D8 engine for producing too good graphics. The emulator converts the file in .exe, making every file workable in PC. It supports all versions of windows but support only 32 bit PCs.

These were 5 best Xbox emulators for windows PC. You can use any of them and enjoy your gaming on PC.

Is it illegal to access the Deep Web?


At the time of browsing the internet, checking your a vlog on YouTube or check your email, you are accessing the “visible web”.  This visible web is a type of web which can be accessed by anyone through the ordinary search engines easily without any problem. You should note that 4% of the WWW (World Wide Web is considered as visible web which is also known as surface web. The remaining 96% of the worldwide web is the invisible web (deep web). The deep web is any type of content which cannot be crawled or indexed by the search engines. It is proved that the deep web is 500 times the surface web size. This deep web is completely anonymous which mainly raise the question of legality. There is a question which comes in every mind is that whether accessing the deep web sites is legal or not through the browsers named as TOR. This article would guide you whether it is legal or not to access the deep web.

deep web

Accessing the Deep Web

If you want to access the Deep Web, then you should note that the dedicated browser is highly required for it. The Tor is the commonly used browser used for accessing the deep web followed by Freenet and I2P. You would not be able to access the information on deep web directly and files would be hosted on different type of servers through networking. This type of accessing data is mainly encrypted and really not an easy task to track where the users are situated and what type of data or information they are going through.

Yes, it is complexly legal to use Tor and same type of browsers and it is not illegal at all. Such types of software are used by the police, military, whistleblowers and journalist to handle their privacy online. Tor is completely free software and it is easy to use also. It conceals the User’s IP address which helps in preventing any metadata or personal data from being taken about the users.

Tor and other private browsers offer anonymity which is a main reason behind the increase of illegal and criminal activity. There are several drugs and weapons selling type business have appeared on the deep web markets. Lots of people are conducting their illegal business and other bad activities through the help of Tor browser. You should note that it is legal to access the deep web with an anonymous or dedicated browser but there are several websites on the deep web which is completely illegal to access.

When is it illegal?

  • Child pornography: According to the recent research, it has been proved that over 80 percent of the visitors on the deep web access the child pornography sites. They sometime viewed it and sometime uploaded. In most of the countries, viewing or even uploading child pornography is a big offence. So, if you are browsing through the deep web, then make sure you are not access the child pornography sites. This is not legal at all and can get you convicted for just deep web browsing.
  • Drugs: Drugs are the second most sold, bought and viewed item on the deep web. It is really not censored by the government which makes it the perfect marketplace for the buyers and vendors to get their fix. If you are into selling drugs, then you are into the dark web. Buying and selling products on the dark web is totally illegal from copyrighted eBooks to hacked credit cards.

Key Takeaways

If you are using a Tor browser to access the deep web, than you should know that there is no guarantee that you are fully anonymous and totally safe. Due to the Deep and Dark web nature, Tor users can easily hack other Tor users to get the information about them.

After all, it is legal to use, users should be careful about the risks associates with it. The deep web browsing is not illegal but only if you are simply browsing the deep web. If you are planning to download or buy something which is available or sold on the deep web, there is a higher chance that it is totally illegal and it would be becoming an illegal act for sure.

In short words, anything which you can find legal in the real word would be legal also on the deep web. For example; browsing the internet is also legal on the deep web. There are some activities which is not legal in the real world which includes selling drugs and weapons, prostitutions and leaking government vital documents.

So, at last if you would like to access the deep web, than surely you can go ahead. While accessing the deep web, you should always stay away from the illegal activities which can put you in trouble later.

How To Watch Live Sports on UKTVNow


Watching live sports online has become easy now because of TV streaming applications. UkTVNow is one such application which allows you to watch your favorite shows and sports tournament anywhere and anytime on your device. The best thing about this app is that you can stream about 150+ channels of more than 10 countries at one place. So if you are fond of sports then download this application immediately. And if you have already installed this app and do not know how to watch live sports on UKTVNow then we will explain each step to you. This article is a complete guide for the UkTVNow users to watch their favorite match live without any interruption.

uktvnow apk

How to Watch Live Sports on UKTVNow?

UkTVNow is an ads free application and has high buffering speed videos for its users. It completely gives you a good experience of Portable Television. You can watch any of the sports match live without paying any money and waiting for buffering of videos. Also the users can schedule Tournament’s videos and can set the alert so that they will not miss watching the particular match. The features of sports genre in this application are far better and unique than any other live streaming app. and for using these features; you should download the UkTVNow application if you haven’t downloaded it on your device. It is android based application which runs smoothly on Kodi, PC, android devices and Firestick/FireTV. You will get the instructions for Installing UKTVNow on these devices in other articles of our site.

After the installation is completed, the UKTVNow icon will be visible to you in your device. Click on this icon and open the application, then follow the steps given below for streaming live sports.

  1. Click on the menu option given on the top left corner of the application.
  2. Select the Schedule option from the list
  3. You will be directed to all matches list which are running live or scheduled to start. You will get the details like match, teams, date and time in this list.
  4. The live matches will be distinguished in the list from the scheduled matches. The text LIVE will be blinking in front of live running matches.
  5. Now Click on the down arrow of the match you are interested in watching and a list of channels on which the match is running will appear on screen. Now select the channels of your choice and stream the uninterrupted match online.
  6. You can filter the matches on the basis of their categories like Cricket, Football, Tennis, NBA, WWE and more. Click on the filter option available on top right corner of your screen and select your desired category. All matches of the selected category will be listed in front of you.
  7. If you want to receive the notification when the match start then check the alert box given on the corner of the match details. This feature will work even without the internet connection. In this way you will be able to watch your favorite match even when you are busy.

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Wrapping up

People are getting attracted to the online TV streaming application rapidly. This is happening because they do not want to stick to their home in front of television sets for hours. UkTVNow is the application which is providing various features to the users with amazing live TV streaming experience. You can watch match of any sports live on this application and filter the sports in various categories. IT makes it easier for you to search for favorite sports match and then select the appropriate channel which you want to stream live for watching match. There are number of tournaments which happen every year and your favorite teams play in them. So if you do not want to miss the matches then you can set an alert which will notify you about the match before it is getting started. You will get this notification even if there is no internet connection in your device. We have shared all the useful steps in this article for watching live sports on UKTVNow. If you find this information useful then let it spread among your friends and family.

Vidmate, Best Video Downloading App For Android


When it comes to downloading videos online, not many apps and websites can be trusted. Some softwares like YTD and SaveFromWeb are present for Windows and Mac devices, but smartphone users suffer in the end. There are not many apps that are safe and secure for smartphones and tablets that allow users to download online videos for free (and safely). There is always some catch or the other in third-party apps and it displeases many.

vidmate apk
Thankfully, those of you who have Android and iOS devices (smartphones and tablets) need not worry because there are two popular apps – VidMate and TubeMate. These two apps allow users to download videos from all over the web (including YouTube and Facebook) for free. So, download VidMate and TubeMate online for free today! TubeMate and VidMate are wonderful apps that are not only small-sized, but they also come loaded with features. Make sure that you download VidMate online today from

Talking about VidMate, it is a wonderful app with which people can download thousands of online videos for free. As long as you have an Android or an iOS device, you will be able to download online videos for free with VidMate. VidMate is a feature loaded app that has a very light and easy to under user interface. Talking about its size, VidMate APK and VidMate IPA are small sized files that get downloaded and installed easily and in no time. Also, there is no need to have a super-fast internet connection in order to download videos with VidMate.

YouTube app has an offline video saving feature, but it comes with a lot of flaws. For instance, not every video on YouTube can be saved offline. This is not the case with VidMate. VidMate allows users to download every single video on the web (including videos found on Facebook and YouTube).

VidMate and TubeMate can download videos from almost every website. It does not matter whether the website supports the downloading feature or not. With VidMate and TubeMate, you will be able to download videos in great video quality. You can also stream the videos online (if you want to). The video quality that these apps support range from standard definition (144p – 480p) all the way up to high definition (720p and 1080p). This is one feature that YouTube app does not provide. With YouTube app, you can only save videos up to 720p in quality. Also, these saved videos cannot be played outside the YouTube app. With the VidMate and TubeMate apps, you can download videos on your device and share them easily. Download VidMate app online for free today.

To download a Facebook or YouTube video using VidMate-

Open the VidMate app and open YouTube (even Facebook or any other website) using the embedded web browser and tap on the download icon to start downloading the video. Once the video gets downloaded, you can then play it on your device easily. Either use the embedded video player or any other third-party video player to play the video. You can also share the downloaded video easily.

You can also download the video by opening the video on the YouTube app. Go to the ‘share video’ option and share it to VidMate app. As soon as the video will be shared on VidMate, the download option will pop up. Tap on download video to start downloading it. It gets downloaded in no time (depending on the internet connection). All you need is a stable internet connection in order to download videos from YouTube and Facebook.

To download videos with TubeMate-

Open the TubeMate app and browse open YouTube or any other website. Search for the video that you want to download and open it. Once it loads up, tap on the download icon to start the downloading. Alternatively, you can also download the video by opening the video on the YouTube app. Go to the ‘share video’ option and share it to TubeMate app. Once it opens up in TubeMate, tap on download to start the download process.

Thus, if you wish to download videos from Facebook and YouTube, you can do that easily with VidMate app and TubeMate app.

Download 9AppsApk Latest Version 2018


In this article, we will be talking about 9 apps, apk version of the original application, and features of the apk version.


What is 9apps?

It is an online platform that allows you to download free ringtones, nicely designed wallpapers, videos, shows, movies, and much more. One of the best thing is that it’s one single platform and has a really creative and easy interface.

How to Download 9 Apps Apk?

  1. You would need to visit and read through the website.
  2. Once you’ve completed reading, you’ll get a complete review of the platform and then you can click on the ‘Download Now’ link.
  3. In this step after downloading the software, you would need to run it through desktop.
  4. Now, you can launch the application and choose/use all of its features for free.
  5. After launching and using the application, don’t forget to leave a review on the website through which you downloaded the same.

    Now, moving ahead with the article, we will be talking about features of 9 apps apk.

Top 5 Features of 9Appsapk

Here are the top 5 features of 9apps apk as follows –

  • Looking through the required App or seeing diverse Apps available is simple by looking over .
  • All Apps under 9App is available when net association is given.
  • It takes basic click operation to download chosen App.
  • Another favorable position of 9Apps is the aggregate limit of the applications to be downloaded will be shown with App. 
  • So the App to be downloaded from 9Apps can be known well ahead of time and that much space can be liberated to download the chosen App.
  • It’s another generation App appropriate to be downloaded in all work areas or current portable with android programming.
  • At the point when Net is present/On in portable or work area then just it works .So it doesn’t devour any charges in disconnected.
  • All Apps under one App that is 9App is an intense instrument to download any App showed by clicking at the symbol required.

Final Words 

In this article, we have talked about 9apps, How to download the application, how to download videos through apps apk, and much more. Thank you for reading the article, and let us know if we have missed out on anything via the comments section.

The article is in no way sponsored by 9apps and its developer team.